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           Painter Evrika Zatikyan was born on June 20, 1950 in the town of Armavir, Armenia. After graduating from high school in 1966, entered the College of Art and Technique.  In 1967, he was arested for the creation of the canvases of anti-Soviet nature and was sentenced to a year of imprisonment.  Upon his release in 1968, the future painter entered The State Pedagogical Institute after Khachatur Abovian, the Faculty of Aesthetics, the Department of Art, from which he graduated in 1973.  He was however arrested the same year and sent to the prison of strict discipline in Siberia (Komi Autonomous Republic, Siktivkar).  He was released in 1981. from 1982 to 1992, the painter worked as an artistic decorator in the State Academical Dramatic Theatre after Gabriel Sundukian.  Parallel with his professional experience, he was engaged in exhibitional activity.  His canvases have always been exhibited in the republican union, and world scale exhibitions.
           The paintings by the artist are kept in the County Museum of Art (Art Rental and Sales Gallery), and also in many private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic State, France, Germany, Szechoslovakia, Poland, and the United States (over 800 works of art are in the possession of private collections of the United States).




1983-1992 Annual exhibitions of works of graduates from the Pedagogical Institute after Khachatur Abovian.
1983-1992 Annual exhibitions at the Union of Artists of Armenia.
1984 Union-wide exhibition "The Brotherhood of the Soviet Republics" (city of Sochi).
1985 The private exhibition in the House of Actors (city of Yerevan).
1988 The exhibition of works of modern arts in Armenia and in Czechoslovakia, Prague.
1989-1991 The annual exhibition of the modern Armenian artists in Paris (France).
1989-1991 The annual exhibition of the modern Armenian artists in five cities of Germany (Germany).
1991 Private exhibition of works at the State Dramatic Theatre of Gabriel Sundukian.
1992 The private exhibition of works in Los Angeles (on the invitation of Archbishop Vache Hovsepyan.
1992 Private exhibition of works in AGBU Art Gallery Los Angeles.
1994 Private exhibition of works in the State Academic Theatre after Gabriel Sundukian.
1996 Private Exhibition at the Valenty Galleries, Los Angeles.
1999 Private exhibition of works in the Gallery of Modern Arts in Los Angeles.